Higher Education

Transgender Awareness Training:
For College Health and Counseling Centers,
Student Affairs Staff, Administrators, Student Activists
and Peer Educators

Need for Training:

As the visibility and activism of transgender and gender-variant students has grown, school administrators, faculty and staff are identifying the need to increase their understanding of basic issues related to the transgender experience. Many schools have added “gender identity” inclusion to their non-discrimination policies, and staff are wondering how to avoid "doing the wrong thing" while also improving overall campus climate.

Further, health center staff and clinicians are seeing transgender patients and need basic clinical information and best practices on serving these patients.

Training in cultural competency for working with this population includes:

  • Understanding terminology and concepts
  • Identifying barriers faced by gender non-conforming campus community members in student life and academia
  • use of appropriate language and approaches
  • understanding specific medical and mental health needs and best practices for meeting those needs
  • and identifying ways educational institutions can appropriately support and include transgender or gender-questioning students.

    Different trainings are available to improve the awareness, comfort and skills among participants seeking more information on this topic. It will also help set up a framework for identifying barriers and problem-solving at an institutional level.

    Transgender Training and Advocacy has been providing this training and support since 1996, having trained over 26,000 professionals in more than 28 states. Samuel has presented at national and regional meetings of the American College Health Association, NASPA and BACCHUS. See Past Trainings for a selected list.

    Training Package Options:

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    General Administrative Staff Training:
    Trans U-- An Introduction to Transgender Issues on Campus: A 1.5-3 hour session delivered to administrative or support staff to familiarize them with sensitivity and cultural competency issues related to transgender and gender-variant students. Examines implications related to particular areas of responsibility among workshop participants.

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    Extended Student Affairs Training:
    Beyond Transgender 101: Applying Awareness to Our Work with Students: 4-6 hours. Including an introductory overview, this more intensive format allows for deeper development of individual and department strategies for improvement of access for transgender and gender-variant campus community members.

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    Training with Health Center Staff:
    Transgender Issues in College Health: A 1.5-3-hour session specifically addressing health care needs and health center issues for clinical and support staff.

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    Training with Counseling Center Staff:
    Demystifying the Transgender Experience: Building Competency for Mental Health Providers: A 1.5-3 hour session designed to help clinical and support staff improve skills in addressing gender issues with patients. (Note: Health Center and Counseling Center Staff trainings can be combined as a single training. At schools with large centers/staff, separate trainings can be useful.)

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    Training for Health and Peer Educators:
    Bathrooms, Classrooms and Res Halls: Making room for transgender people on campus: 2-4 hour sessions targeting peer educators, sexuality and wellness educators that provides awareness information and exercise ideas to incorporate in their current campus education work.

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    General Awareness Training for Students and Campus Community:
    Trans U--An Introduction to Transgender Issues on Campus: 1-1.5 hour session designed to engage general campus discussion on transgender issues and campus climate and safety.

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    Focus Group with Students: A 1.5-2-hour session with transgender and gender-nonconforming or gender-questioning students and other GLBT campus members on specific health care center and general campus climate needs. Findings from this meeting can be summarized in written form and presented to administrators.

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    How to be a Trans Ally: Student Leader and Ally Activation: The need for transgender awareness on our campuses is great, but what are you going to do about it? This highly interactive 2-4 hour session is designed for students at all levels of personal awareness on transgender student issues, current and upcoming student leaders, who look to be equipped with an understanding of language, concepts and issues; specific campus needs and how to address them; what it means to be an "ally"; resources and skills to educate and strategize the campus on transgender issues; and more.

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