Transgender Awareness Training and Advocacy

Samuel Lurie


Transgender Awareness Training and Advocacy is committed to working with advocates and allies of transgender people so they can better meet the specific needs of trans people in areas of health care, HIV/AIDS services, counseling, case management, education, housing and employment. Our trainer has presented in 30 states and 3 countries, directly reaching over 29,000 providers since 1997. He has presented at hospitals, medical schools, college and community health centers, AIDS service organizations, behavioral health programs, and many national and regional conferences. Samuel delivers trainings that are professional, targeted and passionate.

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NEWWorld Professional Association on Transgender Health (WPATH) , Standards of Care, Version 7. Released September, 2011.

NEWPrimary Care Protocols Project of the Center for Excellenc on Transgender Health, University of California, San Francisco. Protocols Project, launched in April 2011, is a phenomenal resource for providers and community members offering medically sound recommendations, guidelines and best practices for comprehensive care.

The AMA and APA have passed resolutions supporting Transgender Health Care. See more here.

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NGLTF Handouts and Training of Trainer Information

PTHC Handouts and Training of Trainer Information

Teaching Principles:

We honor the hard work and good intentions of providers, and work with them to increase their skills and comfort in actively serving trans folks. Part of this work is to enable workshop participants to examine their own fears and discomfort on these issues--through directed problem-solving exercises, participants leave feeling ready to take on these issues in a more confident and active way.

Our lead trainer is a member of the transgender community, and other trans folks are always welcome at our trainings to broadly reflect the range of transgender experiences and expressions. If necessary, we will arrange to waive fees to allow for their full participation and contribution.

There is tremendous need for this training. We want there to be more people offering trans awareness training in their own communities, and have a Training of Trainers curriculum that successfully builds skills and confidence of trans community members to teach others about trans issues. We invite requests for referrals, and welcome information to share from colleagues doing similar work.

Photo by Jay Wilson